The right battery will propel you forward, driving down energy costs while providing heavy-duty usage and long-lasting durability. Toromont Material Handling is proud to offer Hoppecke SYSTEMIZER Xpress, a superior line of German-engineered forklift batteries designed to enhance operations, minimize maintenance costs and reduce fleet expenditures.

Compatible with all electric lift truck models, Hoppecke SYSTEMIZER Xpress offers an extensive list of benefits that will help raise your productivity. SYSTEMIZER Xpress battery systems provide electrolyte circulation complete with integral air pump and circulation. Top features include reduced power consumption and energy costs by up to 30%, longer life expectancy, up to 75% less overcharge, 70% reduction in maintenance costs, up to 18% savings on electricity costs, and reduced charging times by up to 2.5 hours. Installation costs are also much lower thanks to the units’ smaller, compact design.

Toromont Material Handling also offers effective asset management through real-time data acquisition and analysis, guaranteeing maximum functionality and reliability, and providing you with year-round, unfaltering support.

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