When it comes to battery chargers, innovation and efficiency are key. Toromont Material Handling’s line of Hoppecke chargers are technology-driven, designed to help you achieve results that will lead to increased revenue, performance and productivity. SYSTEMIZER® HF premium charge batteries are a game changer, providing optimal energy saving and charging capabilities.

Hoppecke innovative charging technology offers a vast number of benefits that can boost daily material handling operations by minimizing downtime and reducing maintenance costs. Along with the ability to charge any type of battery regardless of voltage, capacity or system, with a single, high-frequency charger, Hoppecke modules are acid-resistant, shockproof, and equipped with wireless and USB connectivity as well as a convenient, color-coded “see at a distance” display.

Other benefits include regulated, optimal charging, high efficiency at over 92%, a slim, modular design, Bluetooth-compatible battery management, automatic electrolyte level and battery temperature control, programmable charging, and a large, easy to read LCD screen. No matter the make or model, Toromont Material Handling can supply the perfect charger for your battery.

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