Kalmar USA Strengthens Dealer Network In Key Market 68

Kalmar USA Strengthens Dealer Network In Key Market

Hoppecke Chargers 129

When it comes to battery chargers, innovation and efficiency are key. Toromont Material Handling’s line of Hoppecke chargers are technology-driven, designed to help you achieve results that will lead to increased revenue, performance and productivity. SYSTEMIZER® HF premium charge batteries are a game changer, providing optimal energy saving and charging capabilities.

Hoppecke innovative charging technology offers a vast number of benefits that can boost daily material handling operations by minimizing downtime and reducing maintenance costs. Along with the ability to charge any type of battery regardless of voltage, capacity or system, with a single, high-frequency charger, Hoppecke modules are acid-resistant, shockproof, and equipped with wireless and USB connectivity as well as a convenient, color-coded “see at a distance” display.

Other benefits include regulated, optimal charging, high efficiency at over 92%, a slim, modular design, Bluetooth-compatible battery management, automatic electrolyte level and battery temperature control, programmable charging, and a large, easy to read LCD screen. No matter the make or model, Toromont Material Handling can supply the perfect charger for your battery.

Hoppecke Batteries 129

The right battery will propel you forward, driving down energy costs while providing heavy-duty usage and long-lasting durability. Toromont Material Handling is proud to offer Hoppecke SYSTEMIZER Xpress, a superior line of German-engineered forklift batteries designed to enhance operations, minimize maintenance costs and reduce fleet expenditures.

Compatible with all electric lift truck models, Hoppecke SYSTEMIZER Xpress offers an extensive list of benefits that will help raise your productivity. SYSTEMIZER Xpress battery systems provide electrolyte circulation complete with integral air pump and circulation. Top features include reduced power consumption and energy costs by up to 30%, longer life expectancy, up to 75% less overcharge, 70% reduction in maintenance costs, up to 18% savings on electricity costs, and reduced charging times by up to 2.5 hours. Installation costs are also much lower thanks to the units’ smaller, compact design.

Toromont Material Handling also offers effective asset management through real-time data acquisition and analysis, guaranteeing maximum functionality and reliability, and providing you with year-round, unfaltering support.

Toromont Industries completes Hewitt acquisition 68

Toromont Industries Ltd. (TIH) today announced that it has completed...

Mission, Vision, Values 91


To be the first choice in the markets we serve.


Guided by the power of our people, products & technology, we will consistently deliver a superior customer experience.


  • Safe and respectful workplace
  • Social responsibility
  • Uncompromising Integrity
  • Empowerment at ALL levels
  • Growth of the individual and the enterprise
  • Returns to all stakeholders


Selective Racking 102

Single bay racking holds one load unit per bay between two uprights on every level.

Double deep racking 102

With Double-Deep Racking, pallets are stored two rows deep as opposed to one.

Drive-in (static accumulation) 102

Drive-In Racking allows lift trucks to drive into any given racking “tunnel” to store or retrieve pallets.

Cantilever 102

Cantilever racking is designed to store long goods such as rods, pipes and panels.

Push-back racking system 102

Push-Back Racking optimizes fill rate, storage space and density by storing pallets 2 to 6 deep on either side of an aisle.

Pallet live (dynamic accumulation) 102

With pallet live storage, pallets are stored on one side and retrieved from the other side of the channel.

Carton live (dynamic accumulation) 102

This dynamic racking system is ideal for small parts or packages of any size.