More than just a few pieces of steel, racking is the key to better productivity. A perfectly designed adaptive storage system helps maximize space, helping to reduce hefty storage costs and improve daily picking and stacking operations. Toromont Material Handling has everything you need to create an efficient and organized racking system. From Double Deep Racking to Drive-In Racking systems, we are equipped with the right tools and advice, enabling you to perform your daily storage, replenishment and order picking operations with added speed and accuracy. Along with premium shelving products, we offer competitive pricing, speedy delivery, after-sales support and custom-made solutions. No matter the application and/or height and size of your warehouse storage facility, we will find the right shelving system solution for you. Smooth business operations and maximized profits are guaranteed when you choose Toromont Material Handling as your storage system and material handling equipment provider.

Selective Racking

Single bay racking holds one load unit per bay between two uprights on every level.
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Double deep racking

With Double-Deep Racking, pallets are stored two rows deep as opposed to one.
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Drive-in (static accumulation)

Drive-In Racking allows lift trucks to drive into any given racking “tunnel” to store or retrieve pallets.
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Cantilever racking is designed to store long goods such as rods, pipes and panels.
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Push-back racking system

Push-Back Racking optimizes fill rate, storage space and density by storing pallets 2 to 6 deep on either side of an aisle.
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Pallet live (dynamic accumulation)

With pallet live storage, pallets are stored on one side and retrieved from the other side of the channel.
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Carton live (dynamic accumulation)

This dynamic racking system is ideal for small parts or packages of any size.
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Mezzanine floors take maximum advantage of a premise’s height, doubling or tripling the surface area.
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