Attachments For Every Industry

We sell a comprehensive range of forklift extensions designed to reduce product and pallet damages, to optimize the transport of items requiring specialized handling, and to improve safety and productivity. From forklift attachments for large or odd-shaped items, to rotator that can facilitate the loading and dumping of food items in processing and manufacturing plants, TMH has every accessory for every application. We also have forklift booms, lifting ramps, covers, clamps and more.

Third Party Logistics

Attachments such as fork positioners are in high demand in the Third-party logistics (3PL) industry. To keep the facilities running 24/7, companies need to make sure they have the right attachments to load and unload pallets, boxes, cages and air freight containers with the right attachments.


For beverage industries like soft drink, breweries, mineral water bottling plants and so, we supply a wide choice of pallet handler models, capacities, widths and fork openings.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated Guided Vehicles use special extensions with specific sensors controlled and managed directly by the AGV control unit for the handling of a wide range of goods.

Paper Products

Some of our suppliers specialize in attachments for the global paper industry and innovative solutions for forest product handling.


Loads are often bulky and heavy in the automotive industry. Therefore, forklift attachments need to be flexible, extremely robust and able to match to the load dimensions.

Carton and Appliances

Some suppliers of Toromont Material Handling have developed a wide range of carton and appliances clamps for the electronics, warehousing and beverage industries. These attachments ensure a safe and damage-free pallet less handling of white goods and high-volume carton boxes.

In order to handle washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, televisions and other appliances with different load types and configuration combinations, our suppliers deliver tailor-made solutions for each application.

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