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Features and description

Features and description

If you wish to minimize operating costs through reduced energy consumption and increased availability of your battery system, then HOPPECKE trak uplift iQ is the ideal solution for you. The high-quality trak system comprises of a HOPPECKE traction battery with electrolyte circulation and a micro-processor-regulated HF charger to ensure rapid and gentle charging of the battery. Up to 75% less overcharge through trak air electrolyte circulation and system-optimized charging technology

• Reduced charger power consumption: Lower energy costs

• Charging times reduced by up to 40%: Higher battery availability

• Up to 70% less water consumption: Lower water and topping up costs • Battery temperature level reduced by approx. 10°C: Longer life expectancy

• Reduced stress load on the electrodes: Longer life in cyclic use

• Capacity for opportunity charging without equalizing charges: Extended duration of battery usage time

More Information
Manufacturer HOPPECKE
Battery Construction vented
Battery Series HPzS, HPzB
Battery Technology Lead-acid with Electrolyte Circulation
Charger Hoppecke TCHF Premium
Charger Technology High Frequency


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