Passenger Vehicles/Personnel Carriers

Unmatched Reliability, Ruggedness, and Agility

Toromont Material Handling focuses on bringing customer transportation solutions with a customer-focused mindset to provide agility and excellence for superior performance. From tow tractors, burden carriers, personnel carriers, stock chasers to other custom passenger vehicles, TMH has you covered!

Custom Engineering on request

With a modular design and 30 years of customizing expertise, our brand Motrec can quickly manufacture a utility vehicle to your exact specifications, for your specific business needs.


For Toromont Material Handling workplace safety is not an option, but a certified requirement. That’s why our passenger vehicles are safety-certified by 4 major regulatory institutions from North America and Europe.


Electric personnel carriers are not just zero emissions but also promoting cleaner air in the workplace and lower vehicle operating costs. With the potential to save a lot of money, achieving your sustainability goals never felt so rewarding!

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