Rail Car Movers


With more than 5 decades of experience in road-rail vehicles, Nordco’s Shuttlewagon product line has brought innovation to the rail industry like no other.


Our exclusive brand, Shuttlewagon, is a manufacturer of rail-based car handling solutions. Unlike most competitors Shuttlewagon use locomotive-like AAR profile couplers and therefore do not lift up on the couplers to borrow weight.


  • Train Air Brakes providing operators with an infinite range of optimal braking ratios
  • Service Safety: No heavy “weight transfer” coupler beams or folding tires to fall
  • Operator Safety: No exposed areas
  • Derail Prevention: No lifting rail car off the center pin
  • Insurance Safety: No cramped space for operators connecting train air hoses
  • True 360° Visibility-Full Width Cabs provide without cameras (provided as an option)

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